Indigeneity & Family History

Liam’ father was born in Watertown, NY near to where the St.Lawerence River meets Lake Ontario in Up State,NY.His family had lived there for 5 previous generations.Liam’s family is of Mohawk descent. Their closest Mohawk relative is Delia Deschamp (maiden name-Mary Delia Warner) (pictured bottom left). She is Liam’s Great-Great-Great Grandmother. Her dad passed away when she was only two years old. Like many Native children during those times, she was forcibly removed from her mother, Susan Sawyer (pictured above, back-center), and subsequently adopted into a white household. Susan later started a 2nd family with a man, named Francois Robidoux. The Robidoux family, and still living on Akwesasne territory. We share this same ancestor, Susan Sawyer. (aka Susan Sawyer-Warner-Robidoux)

Although the Sawyer family originates from outside of Montreal,Quebec.The family was enrolled with the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe (Akwesasne). Susan’s father, Louis Sawyer Sr., is also buried on Akwesasne and you can find the Sawyer family listed on an 1890 Saint Regis (Akwesasne) reservation occupants here. Susan Sawyer was tribally enrolled with the St.Regis Mohawk tribe of NY (Akwesasne) along with her 4 siblings (Mary, Louis, John H, and Jane) ,you can find the 1901 tribal enrollment documents of her nephew Frank Sawyer (listed below). Frank Sawyer’s family was the only family of the Sawyer bloodline to remain on the reserve. Today there are 11 Sawyers enrolled with Akwesasne.

Later in her life, Delia reconnected with her mom and native family (Pictured above) and settled with her husband on Wolfe Island and ultimately Watertown, NY.

(All information on the Sawyer family has been verified by Akwesasne Kahwatsi:re Genealogy & Historical Society  & Ellison King; a Mohawk genealogist. Frank Sawyer’s Tribal Enrollment documents were also provided directly from the historical society, and their database.)

Frank Sawyer Tribal Enrollment Documentation

Frank Sawyer’s notarized tribal enrollment document (Son of Louis and Margarett Sawyer,Nephew to Susan Sawyer (Warner,Robideau) 1901 St.Regis Mohawk Tribe of NY

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