Indigeneity & Family History

My father was born in Watertown, NY and my family had lived there for 5 previous generations. I am of Mohawk descent. My closest full-blood Mohawk relative is Delia Deschamp (maiden name-Mary Delia Warner) (pictured bottom left). She was my Great-Great-Great Grandma. We have her records and know she was born near Kahnawake Mohawk reserve and that the family’s traditional surname is “Snow.” She returned to the Kahnawake area as an adult, according to the marriage records that we have. Her dad passed away when she was only two years old. Like many Native children during those times, she was forcibly removed from her mother, Susan Sawyer (pictured above, back-center), and subsequently adopted into a white household. Susan later started the 2nd family with a man, born on Akwesasne, named Francois Robidoux. The Robidoux family, and still living on Akwesasne territory. We share this same ancestor, Susan Sawyer. Her father, Louis Sawyer, is also buried on Akwesasne and you can find his family listed on an 1890 Indian census roll here. Later in her life, Delia reconnected with her mom and native family (Pictured above) and settled with her husband on Wolfe Island and ultimately Watertown, NY.

Family tree