“Medicine Womxn” CD


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“MEDICINE WOMXN”, is OPLIAM’S largest project to date. It is a solid 12 track LP that has taken 2 years to complete. The title MEDICINE WOMXN is a dedication to OPLIAM’S great great grandmother (Delia Duchamp), who was a traditional Mohawk Medicine Woman in the North East. Her picture is featured in the album’s cover art. She practiced her spirituality in secret during a time when being Native was not only dangerous for simply existing, but Native spirituality and ceremonies were outlawed by the U.S government. This album is an acknowledgement of OPLIAM’S Native ancestors struggles to survive. It is a call to their spirit to help him make it through modern struggles as a Native person today. The album holds back nothing and includes songs of darkness as well as songs of love and inspiration. OPLIAM uses his 4 current favorite styles in this album – reggae, acoustic rock, hip hop and poetry which weave beautiful stories to a musical back drop that will certainly leave listeners wanting more!

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